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Jutsu Infinity

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Jutsu Infinity

Post by Rice on Sat Jun 06, 2015 1:38 pm

Since October 2013, Rice has been continuously working alone on a project called Jutsu Infinity.

Jutsu Infinity (JI) is an Naruto themed roleplaying game which aims to provide players with a friendly, interactive and fun roleplaying environment.

What makes Jutsu Infinity different from other Naruto RPs?
JI offers users the chance to play in a strictly non-toxic environment amongst other like-minded individuals. With a fresh game comes a fresh community (hopefully), and JI is proud to flaunt its users from all parts of the globe. Saying this, it is expected that many quirky characters will emerge from others' imaginations; ensuring no character is the same.

The storyline of Jutsu Infinity is set in an alternate timeline of the Naruto universe, featuring new, original villages with interesting themes and lores. With a handwritten list of future events, immersion is to be introduced, allowing players to feel as if they are in the Naruto anime.

Whilst boasting an active but forever growing admin team, JI strives to provide players with help and entertainment when required. Although JI is not completely a sandbox game, players may create events after (optionally) consulting an admin with the use of a single verb. If their event is approved, players may be provided with the required resources, temporary death protection or any other necessities.

Organization is key for a game to function properly, and in order to practise this belief, Rice has created a structured system regarding administration and progression (TBC). For more on the administration, visit the wiki page.

Unlike many other BYOND games, Jutsu Infinity uses a 64x64 character base for the mob icons (with buildings scaling two or three times this). Although it is not the best base icon out there, it allows players to add detail and leaves room for eccentricities when designing clothing, hairstyles, weapons or other miscellaneous objects.

As a result of JI's grand release, new players are given a rolling ticket for a limited time, which will allow them to definitely snag a Tier 1 perk of their choice, (within reason) along with the opportunity to gain one or even two more perks! This is a one time offer and the system is set that no matter who you are, you will only have one chance.

There are more advantages of playing Jutsu Infinity, including contests and other online activities. Nevertheless, you will have to join and explore to see what we're about.

Get involved, and we hope to see you in game.

-The JI team

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