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The realm of shinobi has plenty of room for you and your imagination. Register now and join us as we venture the various lands in search for our ninja ways!
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The story thus far!

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The story thus far! Empty The story thus far!

Post by Rice Fri Jun 26, 2015 12:21 am

Hello again!

The following is the world lore of Jutsu Infinity; the storyline which the game will follow. Keep in mind that there are smaller storylines, arcs and events which may greatly remove the focus from the world lore. An example of this are the village lores. Tetsugakure and Reigakure have village lores and so players may find themselves incredibly involved and influenced by these village lores rather than the main plot.


After the death of the sage of six paths, the tailed beasts escaped from their binding. They ran rampant across the lands and destroyed civilization, causing the population to dwindle. After many years of destruction, death and despair, a married artisan called Chiasa, Jun created the "Nine Hells Constricting Seal" after studying fuuinjutsu and calligraphy for many years; eventually becoming a shinobi. True to the name, the consequence of forming this seal was that the spirit of the user would too be bound for an eternity; leaving them in a period of stasis. Using this technique, Jun managed to seal the tailed beasts into a mountain on the 14th of June 328, where they remain to this day.

With the threat to humanity completely removed, a new calendar was put in place to celebrate the guaranteed survival of the human race and the rising of a new world. The few members of the population began to group in different places, before creating multiple small towns - two which soon began large, bustling villages. These two villages (named Reigakure and Tetsugakure) were the primary forces of producing and developing modern shinobi. The tales told in the towns and villages concerning humanity's grim past inevitably devolved into urban legends and rumors, whilst the tailed beasts were regarded to be nothing more than myths of early, uneducated humans.

All except for one were pleased with the outcome of the sealing of the Bijuu, however. The husband of Jun was distraught by his sudden loss, and even more enraged about the forgetting and discrediting of humanity's savior; who was now almost unheard of. Separating himself from the 'deluded' population, Chiasa, Han devoted himself to studying his wife's work in hope of finding a way to unseal the binding on her soul - even if it meant the Bijuu would be released. Contemporary beliefs state that Han never existed and is said to be a lonely, mythological soul who resides on top of a hill in a small house. In actual fact, he has begun to move towards the historical site; his intentions unclear.


As the wipe should hopefully be extensive the world lore may change depending on how far we have progressed, although this will not happen anytime soon!

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