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Perk/Ability Card Submission

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Perk/Ability Card Submission

Post by Rice on Sat Jun 06, 2015 2:43 pm

Follow this template for your perk/ability card submission:

Key: [BYOND key]
IC name: [Characters name]
Character Rank & Grade (i.e Genin, D):
Ability Card/Perk Icon (96x96 - image may be rejected if low quality): http://puu.sh/iezKF/87d90cd01b.png (AC/Perk base)
Ability Card Rank (write "N/A" if perk):
Note (anything you need to tell us, or players):
Unique ability (can others somehow get this, or not?):

Please write the name of the AC/perk in the title, along with your IC name in parenthesis.
-- i.e. Poking Technique (Annoying, Child)

Not every ability should be unique. If it's part of your skillset (i.e Random Character's Dragon Sword Style), then that's fine. However, if it's something easily thinkable (i.e Bow Mastery) and attainable, you may want to rethink your idea.

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