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Showcase: Reigakure

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Showcase: Reigakure

Post by Rice on Wed Jul 22, 2015 5:26 pm

Hello again! I apologise due to the lack of updates; I've been tanning abroad. With a very helpful helping hand from Darkana Arez, Reigakure's lore and current state of affairs has been written!


The village hidden in the middle of nowhere - a contradiction in itself, but the face value is judged as such. Thus is the actual basis for the village's most proficient professions - to keep the village out of sight in a dark, barren plain it requires a mask.

Genjutsu is this mask. Most of Reigakure's shinobi refer to Chakra-based professions, particularly genjutsu illusion and medical, and plenty of fuinjutsu users as well. It is seen as a measure of power to be able to amass and utilize Chakra efficiently in Reigakure, and thus spurs the heavy usage. A few certain of the strongest genjutsu users, a small counsel, are in charge of maintaining the illusionary barrier to keep this village hidden in plain sight.

The mask does not just lie on the outside of the village - there are plenty inside the wall as well. The founding of the high standing village was by several of a few particularly wealthy and reknowned family names. These families, of course, hold much power in the village - their names carrying weight, well proven with some of the high caliber genjutsu shinobi and better medical practitioners tied into the blood. As such, the village holds itself to a higher standard in image and living - even if the gold should start to run thin...

The village is quite prosperous on the one hand with the imput of these families, but a consequence of this lapsed reality is the obsessive need to look good in public, physically and etiquette-wise, shared by all residents. The flaws of the individuals are loosely painted over and a heavy close minded mindset has been adopted. To ensure the happiness of the residents even in the thinning times, the Kage, unbeknownst to his people, maintains an illusion of this pristine world inside the barrier.

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