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Post by Rice on Fri Jun 26, 2015 12:54 am

The following are IC rumors which will be updated from time to time. Keep your eyes peeled!


-(Reigakure Exclusive): The world is a wonderful place! It is vibrant and full of colours, and

Reigakure is said to the the hub of the planet. Everyone lives happily with their living, loving family.

-(Reigakure Exclusive): Rumors have been spread that those who do not look the best they can in

public or are wet-blankets tend to fade away.

-(Reigakure Exclusive): Tainted cats are said to visit naughty children. They shouldn't be talked

about either.

-(Reigakure Exclusive): The electrical supply of the village is said to be a godsend! Hoorah for power!

-(Tetsugakure Exclusive): A mysterious dealer appears every now and then, selling wares and accepting women as payment.

-(Tetsugakure Exclusive): Only the manliest of men visit the red light district and order the "special service"!

-(Tetsugakure Exclusive): Women supposedly gain popularity by starring in beautiful Ukiyo-e portraits. These are popular amongst both men and women and most (if not all) people own one.

-(Tetsugakure Exclusive): Donating money to the shrine may bring you good luck!

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