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Kinzameru Clan Submission Application

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Kinzameru Clan Submission Application

Post by Inferna14 on Wed Jun 17, 2015 6:20 pm

Key: Inferna14
IC name: Kinzameru, Deai
Clan name: Kinzameru
Clan history:
The Kinzameru clan had existed long before the establishment of Tetsugakure. Their clan existed as a group of general shinobi, whom would pass on the small bits of knowledge they'd gather about their travels. There was nothing that made them of note, even immediately after the formation of Tetsugakure. Their clan seemed to aid in the same as other shinobi, and none of them had been able to stand too far out from the typical shinobi.

However, this changed as the clan acknowledged an affinity that they had long since had unknown. Due to a combination of the earth and wind elements, which they seemed to contain with the rest of their kin, they discovered the ability to utilize a special kind of release. That being of the manipulation of magnetics. Of course, in a land like Tetsugakure, this managed to stand out instantly, as material for practice and usage were absolutely abundant within the outskirts of the village.

The clan honed in their techniques, hid them away from others, and even had some grow into the capabilities of controlling finite particles of iron, much as if they were controlling sand. However, this was something that only the most veteran of Kinzameru members could possibly perform, even being considered as a "once in every two generations" achievement.

Since its rise to fame for their ability to control metal, the clan has taken a sharp rise to power, many of its own members dominating in multiple aspects of the shinobi profession. From police, to spies, to even political positions of power, the clan seemed to possess some hand in it, latched on with but a firm grip that would not be releasing any time soon. They had quickly grown from a neutral element within the village, to a dominating asset that seemed to hold no bounds.

Of course, with this rise to power came costs. Many of the members of the clan grew to contain a "Higher than thee" complex, in which they truly held the belief that none could surpass their clan within the village. None could possibly come to outgrow the giant that was the Kinzameru clan. Not only that, but this had landed the clan into a position of corruption, that was often seen between many of the higher-ups at small times. However, many that have reported on such corruption have conveniently gone missing, to the point that very few are willing to risk their own lives to speak of the corruption within the clan.  

Clan traits:
Appearance: The clan typically has gray to black hair, and dark-colored eyes ranging from any natural color. Any change in hair will typically cause for the offending member to be ostracized from the clan, even so far as to be treated as that of the missing witnesses to the clan's corruption.

Personality: Many of the clan will typically behave as if they are far superior to those of similar or lower rank to themselves. Little will they openly disobey or disrespect a higher-up, however. Only when they are on equal levels as said higher-up would the clan member openly disregard and make snark comments at them.

Clan abilities:
Magnet Release: Infuse
The user forces their chakra into a metallic object within their grasp, or touched by an object already infused by their magnetic chakra, allowing for it to be freely manipulated by the user. Whether this is for redirecting a melee weapon for surprise hits to giving their weapon severe arcs, or to even act as some sort of boomerang, this technique allows it all to be possible, as the basic jutsu needed for all other techniques within the clan.
Note: Capabilities of the jutsu increase as the user hones in their skills with metal release. At T3 of their magnet training, the user gains the ability to apply magnetic properties onto non-metallic objects.

Magnet Release: Magnetic Death Shield
The user forces their chakra into several objects, not exceeding the size of a kunai or shuriken, before tossing them all at once. Then, utilizing the magnetic chakra within themselves, they allow for the weapons to seemingly orbit around themselves, able to expand or contract the shield's range to a fair distance before control is lost. This depends on the chakra capabilities of the user, however. Much to this, the shield can easily be motioned through if extended too far, due to the speed of the rotating weapons being decreased substantially the farther out they go.

Magnet Release: Magnetic Convergence
The user infuses their chakra into two of their weapons, before releasing them to the left and right sides of the enemy. The weapons fly out a fair distance from what would be the supposed target, often instilling a sense of relief to the enemy. However, as the magnetized weapons grow near to the sides of the target, they take a nigh instant turn to each other, their magnetic forces allowing for the two to converge, typically with the enemy in the way and forced to take the hit.

Magnet Release: Conserving Bee Twin Blades
Magnetizing a large quantity of shuriken, the user throws them at their target(s). Should one of the weapons come into contact with their opponent, anything on the target’s person or even be deflected by a weapon held by the target, a strong magnetic field would be induced around them. This causes the rapid attraction of the magnetized weapons, making the following series of attacks nigh-impossible to avoid.

Magnet Release: Magnetic Hell
The user infuses their chakra into either the weapon of their target, or onto the target themself, before forcing a strong magnetic attraction onto the enemy. This will cause for all nearby weaponry that lay on the ground to pick up, and quickly begin to converge upon the target. This means that avoiding the attack is nigh impossible, unless the jutsu targeted the weapon, which in that case the enemy simply has to toss it away.

Magnet Release: Magnetic Mechanization
The user utilizes numerous amounts of chakra infused metallic objects in their vincinity, causing for them to lift up in the air and surround the user. However, these objects would begin to contort themselves and stick together, encasing the user in a protective coating. This does not stop there, however, as feet and hands form onto the now mobile form. The user must make some room from within to see, otherwise leaving themselves in just a protective shell. In this form, the user can freely manipulate the objects within, whether it's from sending parts flying at the enemy like some sort of Gatling gun, to a melee force of destruction, this technique is the pinnacle of success for most of the clan, and is rarely learned due to the sheer difficulty of controlling such a mass.


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Re: Kinzameru Clan Submission Application

Post by Rice on Wed Jun 17, 2015 7:41 pm


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