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Showcase: Tetsugakure

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Showcase: Tetsugakure

Post by Rice on Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:30 pm

Tetsugakure (translated as: The village hidden amongst the iron) will be one of the two original villages featured in the beginning of this upcoming wipe. Bare in mind that this is only the story for the creation of the village, and it does not mention the current conditions, rumours or notable individuals of the village. The lore for it is as follows:



Prior to the establishment of Tetsugakure, the forest clearing it currently resides within was used for industry. Civilisation was at a loss for resources due to a rapidly growing population, which aided in the creation of the disparity between supply rates and the level of demand. As a result of this, different methods for the manufacturing of export commodities and general materials were used. This, in turn, spurred the gradual degradation of the area, and once it was completely malnourished, it was designated to be marginal land.

Not too long after the tailed beast incident, people began to settle in the clearing as it housed the most accessible water source throughout the area and least densely packed land suitable for irrigation. With this, Tetsugakure was built, although the doings of past continued (and still do continue) to affect the future, negatively.


In order to provide you all with a rough but visual image of Tetsugakure, I created a piece of concept art.

Up next: Reigakure!

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